Your Investment

Your investment for your Quit Smoking session is tiny compared to what you are spending on cigarettes over a week, month or year. Your investment is about your future health and your family’s. Its about you using the money for anything you want – a house/ a car/ a holiday the kids. Please call Cathy for a chat about your desire to quit and the cost of doing so. Your hypnotherapist is a Government accredited Certificate IV, Hypnotherapist and a dedicated Quit Smoking Expert who specialises in hypnosis for clients who wish to quit and who has helped over 500 clients to quit smoking now. Cathy is also a Government accredited Certificate IV Life Coach. Cathy also uses hypnosis to help clients with anxiety/ confidence fears and phobias and a host of other issues. Cathy offers a solid proven program with a guarantee that if you do smoke again you come back at no charge. See guarantee conditions. Cathy gives you additional resources to take home which only serve to reinforce the suggestions that you are “now a permanent non smoker who breathes fresh air for the rest of your life”. She teaches you breathing techniques and mindfullness which reinforce the new habit of breathing fresh air instead of smoking and additionally calms you down and gets your lungs recovering faster from being a smoker. Cathy was a smoker herself for 14 years so you are talking to someone who understands your triggers and is empathetic and non – judgmental. Cathy doesn’t care what your motivation to quit is whether its money or health. She just wants to help you help yourself. You are in experienced safe hands with someone who has proven results and real testimonials. Cathy is always available for back up support and this is what she prides herself on and the fact you can come back if you need too and no judgement at all only dedicated caring expertise and fierce motivation to help you quit once and for all. Cathy is also a qualified Reiki 2 practitioner and Lomi Lomi Temple Massuse. Cathy is a holistic practitioner who believes that many therapies such as yoga and Reiki and Mindfulness all complement and absolutely enhance and reinforce the power of hypnosis.

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Cost of Smoking Estimation Table. 2018 August How can you afford to smoke at these prices? You are getting poorer not richer, you are getting sicker not healthier!

Pack / Day  $$$ Day $$$ Week $$$ Month $$$ Year
 Winfield      $27.30 20 $191 $846 $10,155
 Winfield      $38.20 30 $267 $1,068 $12,816
 Winfield      $49.45 40 $346 $1,384 $16,608
 Holiday       $53.65 50 $375 $1,500 $18,000

source:        Source of Pricing – RRP etc for all brands  

A recent university study found the average life expectancy for non- smokers is increased by an additional 13.2 years for females and 14.5 years extra for males. 90% of lung cancer occurs in people who have smoked.

Australian Smokers Mortality Study –  Click here for Study Details 
There are still 2.7 million smokers in Australia.1.8 million of them will die from their habit. Smoking reduces life expectancy by 10 years. Smoking ten cigarettes a day doubles the risk of death Smoking 25 cigarettes a day increases risk of death by four to five fold.
Source: Sax Institute

The exclusive guarantee is that the life of the guarantee is for one  follow up session at no charge. If for any reason you have the desire to pick up a cigarette again, we want you to call immediately and we will reschedule another session – FREE of charge – provided you complete the post hypnosis tasks and let me know within 7 days of you smoking again.  You pay one price – Once.     This is 100% better than a money back guarantee; because you want to quit cigarettes, not get your money back.

Now, how much is a year of your life worth? The average smoker’s life is 10 years shorter than a non- smoker. So by quitting you are literally adding 10 years onto your life. So if you make $50,000 a year,  then (no matter how you look at it) your life must be worth at least $50,000 – We all know, you cannot really put a price on a year of life, BUT that is $700,000 you should have been earning. So why don’t you take the money you would have burned up in smoke on cigarettes and invest it in becoming a permanent non-smoker for life?