October 2016 Belinda not her real name came to see me to quit smoking dope and cigarettes. She smoked around 10 joints a day, defaulting to cigarettes when she ran out of dope. She also had emphysema. After the first session Belinda rang me 2 week later to book in for a follow up session. The great news was that in the 2 weeks since I had seen her she had smoked 4 joints in that whole period. She now was able to get out of bed with energy and her breathing was so much easier. The follow up session went extremely well and Belinda is committed to being as healthy as she possibly can for the remainder of her life.

Paul.. 7th March 2016.

“Hi Cathy, going really well haven’t had a smoke or any feeling for a smoke since. Joined back at the gym, walk every day and enjoying life. Thanks very much for your help”. Paul

Sam aged 31 9th Feb 2016 smoking 30 a day non smoker for 60 days so far

“Thanks Cathy ! No smoking is going really well, no desire for any” – Sam doing especially well considering he is under pressure looking for jobs.

Jess 27th Dec 2015 aged 35 30 cigarettes a day – smoke free for 4.5 months

” I was a hard core smoker and my family and friends still can’t believe I was able to give up so easily, I am saving so much money now and of course I am so much healthier” Thanks Cathy

Tom age 20 Feb 2015 smoking 30 a day a non smoker now for over 12 months.

” Thanks so much Cathy I can now play foot again and save up for a house with my girlfriend.”

Fiona September 2014 smoking 15 a day

“Seeing Cathy for a hypnosis session was beyond my expectations . Her professional and engaging warmth , and her skills saw me venture through a safe journey with her . The goals and outcomes were exactly met as planned to give up smoking.

Ben aged 20 September 2014 smoking 30 a day

I came to  see Cathy to give up smoking in August and I have been a non smoker for 5 months  now. I did not have a lot of money and actually do not have a job but I was so sick of smoking and how bad it made me feel and obviously I could not afford to buy them any more. My life is definitly worth a couple of hundred dollars and I can now go and play footy without thinking I am going to die from running out of breath”

Julie aged 49 September 2014

I knew it was time to give up as it did not feel right as I am an educator on living a healthy and anxiety free lifestyle and I had taken up the cigarettes on a social basis again. Cathy made the whole experience very pleasant and I am very pleased to say I have not smoked for 2 weeks. I really liked the fact that Cathy said I could go back for another session at no charge. if I happened to smoke at any time in the next year. That was reassuring, I don’t expect to go back but its nice to know I have that option. I feel so much healthier

John aged 62 years old

October 2014 I had smoked a packet a day  for 25 years and I knew it was time to stop – it wasn’t a matter of cost for me, my motivation was to be as healthy as I can be and be around for the grandchildren, Cathy made me feel very relaxed and I love wearing my red band to remind me that I have quit smoking for ever . I am so proud of myself ”

Anna P November  2014 aged 45 smoking 20 per day

Hi Cathy, “great news I have not smoked since seeing you . it has been an easy/hard journey as opposed to a hard/easy journey. I feel fantastic and am brimming with pride”

many thanks


Ebony  aged 26 January 2015

“Even though I only smoke when I get home and it was around 10 cigarettes a day, I hated the smell on my clothes and the fact that the ciggies really did have a hold of me. I came to see Cathy and really enjoyed the whole hypnosis experience and best of all did not feel like a cigarette at all when Cathy asked me if I wanted one at the end of the session”

Dave aged 45 smoking 20 – 30 a day June 2015

I had been thinking of quitting for a very long time and have had a few financial issues so another incentive was the money I would save. My two boys were worried about me too and I want to be a good role model. I am getting sick of being the odd one out smoking so I had found Cathy by way of referral.

I had not had hypnosis before but Cathy put me at total ease and after the session I was surprised at how deep into relaxation and hypnosis I had gone and after the session I did not feel like a cigarette. I also liked the fact that I had to listen to a cd for 30 days to bed the suggestions down and wear a red band and that cathy gave me some for my kids to wear in support of me quitting. I also like the fact that I can come back free of charge – I don’t want to see Cathy again of course but its reassuring to know that I can if I need to.

thanks Cathy