Your investment in quitting is tiny compared to the costs of continuing to smoke. In Australia, the cost of continuing to smoke is rising due to government legislation. Recently, the third price of four annual price increases has been implemented. The total effect is that the price of cigarettes over 4 years will increase by approx. 60 %. Also, the negative health impacts are well understood and can be devastating. As of August 1 2017, new Antismoking legislation in Victoria has been enforced. Smokers can be fined for smoking $777 if they smoke in banned areas.
How can you afford to keep doing it? 

How much is the cost required to quit cigarettes for good? GUARANTEED!!! First, how much do you smoke?

  • Retail figures compiled by market research company AC Nielsen in reveal more than $3.5 billion of cigarettes were sold in supermarkets last financial year – a 7.2% increase on the previous year – while the total number of cigarettes sold jumped 2.9 % to 10.4 billion cigarettes.
  • Australian smokers statistically spend between $5,500 and $9,000 or more per year on cigarettes (and that’s conservative, not taking into consideration the extra costs related to illness). If you doubt me, just take a look at these figures based on the average cost of a packet of cigarettes being $20 for a pack of 20:

Pack / Day (20) $$$ Day $$$ Week $$$ Month $$$ Year
1 20 140 $607 $7,280
1.5 30 210 $910 $10,920
2 40 280 $1,213 $14,560
2.5 50 350 $1,517 $18,200

A recent university study found the average life expectancy for non- smokers is increased by an additional 13.2 years for females and 14.5 years extra for males. 90% of lung cancer occurs in people who have smoked.

Australian Smokers Mortality Study –  Click Here
There are still 2.7 million smokers in Australia.1.8 million of them will die from their habit. Smoking reduces life expectancy by 10 years. Smoking ten cigarettes a day doubles the risk of death Smoking 25 cigarettes a day increases risk of death by four to five fold.
Source: Sax Institute

The exclusive guarantee is that the life of the guarantee is for a maximum of 2 follow up sessions at no charge., and if for any reason you have the desire to pick up a cigarette again, we want you to call immediately and we will reschedule another session – FREE of charge – provided you complete the post hypnosis tasks and let me know within 7 days of you smoking again.  You pay one price – Once.     This is 100% better than a money back guarantee; because you want to quit cigarettes, not get your money back.

Now, how much is a year of your life worth? The average smoker’s life is 10 years shorter than a non- smoker. So by quitting you are literally adding 10 years onto your life. So if you make $50,000 a year,  then (no matter how you look at it) your life must be worth at least $50,000 – We all know, you cannot really put a price on a year of life, BUT that is $700,000 you should have been earning. So why don’t you take the money you would have burned up in smoke on cigarettes and invest it in becoming a permanent non-smoker for life?