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Our Process and  Lifetime Guarantee

It only takes a 60 minute Session to Quit Smoking!!! Backed by a Guarantee! Our Proven system for quitting smoking hypnosis process combines the Power of hypnosis in conjunction with NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and Life coaching techniques to guarantee 100 % success every time to help you achieve your goal of becoming a PERMANENT NON-SMOKER. Begin a smoker, 60 minutes later – you become a PERMANENT NON-SMOKER.

We guarantee the process so that if you should start smoking again you can come back free of charge for life of the Guarantee (conditions apply see Guarantee Page) You receive a take home Quit Smoking Post Hypnosis recording and wristband which only serves to reinforce the suggestion ” that you are a permanent non smoker who breathes fresh air for the rest of your life”

Compared with non-smokers, smoking just 10 cigarettes a day doubles the risk of dying prematurely and smoking a pack a day increases the risk four- to five-fold 

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Cathy has assisted more than 400 people so far to quit smoking

Timothy Matthews 29 July 2017

“I smoked for 28 years and have tried to quit so many times. Was in Cathy Barrow’s room for one hour, and had a smoke before I walked in, that was the last smoke I’ve had. 
I’m now at Day 67 smoke free.
I highly recommend Cathy, I felt comfortable in her room and she is very professional.
You are crazy not to see her. It was the Best thing I ever did”.

Paul and Jonelle Hypnosis in early March 2017

“Thank you Cathy..Jonelle and I couldn’t be happier with your services, hypnosis to give up smoking for life….We both feel like we never smoked.

You are not just professional, empathetic and passionate … you really do care about helping people achieve their goals. Our quality of life is so much better as non-smokers …thank you again Cathy”

Jack aged 19 March 2015 smoking 35 day smoke free for just under 24 months – returned for free follow up Jan 2017

Jack remained smoke free until I received a call from him in the middle of Jan 2017 saying he had broken up with his girlfriend and started smoking again. He came back to see me straight away for the free follow up session and is now a permanent non smoker again. The second time around we address what triggered him and get rid of it in the hypnosis and reinforce his motivation and great track record in staying smoke free to again quit for good.

More Testimonials

Kerry July 2016 I had been to see Cathy in Jan 2015 and had been a non smoker for 15 months and then I experienced some stress and a well meaning friend offered me a cigarette. I felt so bad and the taste was foul. I rang Cathy to come back for a second session at no charge and we did it and I am now back to being a non smoker again. Cathy is really reassuring and supportive and I was confident enough to come back. I am impressed that Cathy offers this backup service” 

Jess 27th Dec 2015 aged 35 30 cigarettes a day – smoke free for 24 months

” I was a hard core smoker and my family and friends still can’t believe I was able to give up so easily, I am saving so much money now and of course I am so much healthier” Thanks Cathy

Tom age 20 Feb 2015 smoking 30 a day a non smoker now for over 24 months.

” Thanks so much Cathy I can now play footy again and save up for a house with my girlfriend.”

Belinda not her real name October 2016 October 2016

Belinda came to see me to quit smoking dope and cigarettes. She smoked around 10 joints a day, defaulting to cigarettes when she ran out of dope. She also had emphysema. After the first session Belinda rang me 2 weeks later to book in for a follow up session. The great news was that in the 2 weeks since I had seen her she had smoked 4 joints in that whole period. She now was able to get out of bed with energy and her breathing was so much easier. The follow up session went extremely well and Belinda is committed to being as healthy as she possibly can for the remainder of her life.

About 4000 Victorians die every year from smoking-related disease.  You were not born smoking, you chose to smoke now you can choose to stop smoking. Let me help you quit now.  I used to smoke for 10 years and we did not know any better back then. In the 80’s -13 % of Aussies smoked now its 3% – you can help make it even less . Don’t you deserve to live a long healthy life? Do you ever really think about what your life would be like if you were dragging an oxygen tank behind you or you may not even live to a ripe old age cause you keep smoking?

 Cost of Smoking Estimation Table. 2017 October 

(The third increase in price out of 4 increases has just come into effect meaning that in over  4 years the price of cigarettes will go up by approx. 60%)
Pack / Day (20) $$$ Day $$$ Week $$$ Month $$$ Year
1 20 140 $607 $7,280
1.5 30 210 $910 $10,920
2 40 280 $1,213 $14,560
2.5 50 350 $1,517 $18,200

                            The 4 steps of Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy are as follows



We qualify that you want to quit. This is the key, you have to want to quit.



We educate you so that you understand what is going to happen and what your part in the process is.



We look at why you want to quit smoking and the triggers that cause you to smoke. We then use these to build a process just for you.



We use hypnosis and NLP to change your habit of smoking to a habit of breathing fresh air.

Become a permanent non-smoker. It’s not just what you do, it’s who you are; it’s not just your behaviour, it’s your identity as well. Once change is internalised and integrated, all your positive choices and behaviours become automatic reflections and manifestations of who you are as a PERMANENT NON-SMOKER. You create a new self-image, a “new you” having all the attributes and benefits of being a PERMANENT NON-SMOKER.We will create a path between the current you and this new you. This image will be so inviting, so compelling and so magnetic.I will teach you and propel you down this path to become a PERMANENT NON-SMOKER “new you”, having all the attributes and benefits of being a permanent non-smoker. If you live in the Melbourne or Geelong areas and WANT to quit smoking, then contact us for a quit smoking hypnotherapy appointment on 0424 867 361

We make it as EASY as 1..2..3

opening hours Mon-Thursday 10.00 am – 6.30  pm- Sat and after hours by appointment 

Home visits available depending upon location, conditions appl 


Skypenosis is a revolutionary way to quit smoking. We connect to you through Skype for your quit smoking hypnosis session. Now it doesn’t matter where you are, you can Quit in the comfort of your home without having to travel.




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